New Year's Eve Fatbike Commute

I had a pretty good day of fatbiking on New Year's Eve. I woke up early so I could be the first person on the RT 66 urban trail to work. I had made it almost the entire way before the smaller snowplows were driving on the path, clearing it for cyclists and pedestrians.

I had a small mishap where by glasses had fogged up and I couldn't see where the trail may have been. I ended up riding off the sidewalk into the gravel and  flipped myself off the bike when the tires kissed the corner of the concrete. I got a few honks from some of the cars passing by. Glad I could entertain them ;)

Most of the office had cleared out before noon. By 2pm, there were only 6 people left. I decided to leave early and met up with my friend Frank at Fratelli's for a pitcher of beer before heading home.

Mounted the camera a little crooked on the fork.


Only one who commuted by bike to work. I had the whole bike parking section to myself.

My friend, Frank, with his Specialized Fatboy throwing up the horns. Riding fatbikes in the snow is pretty metal! \m/

Almost home

Phew. time for a beer.


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