Bucktooth Betty - Testing a Weird Fat+Skinny Configuration

Last week, I woke up with snow dumping from the sky. I didn't really have time to swap tires on the Mukluk to fat, so I only swapped the front wheel. I ended up with 26x4 up front and 29x2 in the rear. I'm unsure if there is a name for this configuration, but it handled surprisingly well.

The Bucktooth Betty Build
The front fat tire had exceptional float over snow and slush and provided some great dampening to a normally bumpy ride. I hardly felt the seams of the urban trail up front. The thudbuster smoothed out the ride in back.

It was a surprisingly fast ride when on pavement. I never moved out of the big ring up front. My encounters with snow and slush were sometimes sketchy. I found I was more stable riding on fresh snow, rather than ride in someone else's tracks.

I am planning on trying out the build in nicer weather on one of the trails near my home. Updates coming soon.


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