Fattie Slims Fatbike Conversion

Snow is already melting away. There is no reason for me to ride 7 miles on pavement with fat tires.

Fattie Slims to the rescue! I finally can ride my Mukluk on pavement and not feel like i'm riding with cement filled tires. After installing the rotors and swapping out the cassette, they slid right into place without issue.

They were cheap(75% off) so i'm only out $100 if they don't work out. They can be found here, for the moment:


For those of you that are curious(since it's not listed on the website), they come with a 9 speed cassette and a generic set of 160 disc brakes(similar to the ones that come with a low-end mukluk). Tires are Innova brand, 29x2 or 700cx52c. They have some respectable tread, but are more for commuting on pavement instead of dirt. Pressure is between 50 - 75 psi.  Front spacing is 135, rear is 170 with a symmetrical hub. Schrader valve rim. At least they are spec'd out to easily replace parts if you are in an area that only has Schrader valve tubes.

I'm sure they will be good for the commute, but I want to get used to them first before I trust them on a trail or dirt road.


  1. Awesome, I have to take my fatties off too. These look like a great alternative! Thanks Edwin.


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